A user can create a product note by clicking the NotesGoGo write/edit note icon of the NotesGoGo in-page toolbar  .

A pop-up window similar below will appear.


User may then input the corresponding note title and details.

Optionally, the user may add corresponding tags like UPC, SKU or any other tags to the note for easy reference.

User can save the note by clicking the save button on the toolbar.

After saving, additional Attachments, Alert Settings and Share Note tabs will appear.

Attachments Tab will enable users to add file attachments to the note.

Alert Settings Tab will enable users to schedule Email notifications for the note.

Share Note Tab will enable users to Share the note to other NotesGoGo users or the public through a Public Link.

Example of NotesGoGo in action within Manage Inventory Page of Amazon Seller Central.

Click here for the list of locations where the notes is available in various sales channels.